152 Uses for the Paperclip

Hello all! In order to expand my creative capacities, I sat down yesterday for an hour and a half, and dreamt of the paperclip. I’d be surprised if you get through it all, I was certainly getting bored around the 140 mark. I had fun though, and that is certainly the main thing!!!
A paperclip can be used:
  1. To hold paper together
  2. To make an artistic photo frame
  3. To remove dirt from under your finger nails
  4. To pick a lock
  5. To graffiti a desk/windowsill
  6. To scratch patterns into your arm
  7. To give your Blue-Tack character (arms and legs)
  8. To pierce your ears
  9. As earrings
10. As a wedding ring, when made of gold
11. As a toe ring
12. As an ankle bracelet
13. As a fastener to secure packaged items
14. As a necklace
15. To test an electric fence
16. To test a battery
17. To replace a wire
18. As a replacement zip tag
19. As extra grip on your zip
20. To repair the broken clog at the bottom of a jandal
21. To give somebody a tattoo (rather brutally I’ll admit)
22. To colour code your electrical chords
23. As a cooking tester
24. As replacement clasps for your binder folder
25. To colour code your documents
26. As a book mark
27. When heated, to sear a wart/wound
28. To kill a bug
29. To create a replica of the atom’s atomic structure
30. As the key structural component in architectural modeling
31. As a miniature flag pole
32. As a model railway farm fence
33. As a hand rail on a model railway staircase
34. As a miniature shepherd’s crook
35. To skewer meat while it cooks
36. To skewer bugs
37. To mix small amounts of paint
38. As an Indian ink utensil
39. To create texture on a ceramic sculpture
40. As a fishing hook
41. To tie things together in a bundle
42. To hang up an item on a hook (ladle, spatula?)
43. When heated, to engrave wood
44. As a key ring
45. To join two pieces of rope together
46. As markers on a document
47. To make a hole in an egg (when you are going to paint it)
48. To stop a washer falling off
49. To make a bracelet
50. When joined with other paperclips, as festive decorations
51. To pin a calendar to the wall
52. When once owned by the famous, as a prized Ebay auction
53. As an disguised short fuse, for intelligence purposes
54. As an intelligence item placed in your door to see if anyone enters
55. As memory metal that records the DNA make up of anyone who touches it
56. When enlarged, as a paper weight
57. When enlarged and hollowed out, as a pipe
58. When enlarged, as a coat hanger
59. When enlarged, as a crow bar
60. When enlarged, as farming waratah
61. As a measuring device
62. To hang a diorama/globe from your ceiling
63. To hang a model plane from your ceiling  
64. When stretched, stings for your Cajon drum
65. As bread tags
66. As grocery bag tags
67. When enlarged, as a shepherd’s crook
68. When enlarged, as doorstop
69. When enlarged, as a walking stick
70. As skiing rods
71. As a staff
72. For parents wanting to distract their kids with something
73. When hollowed out, as a straw
74. When made of copper, as a conductor
75. As a classical conductor’s implement
76. As a wand
77. As a cello’s leg
78. Drum sticks
79. Table legs
80. Chair legs
81. To tie up your tomato plants
82. To tie up a grape vine
83. When melted down, as a slug gun bullet
84. When a number are melted down, a bullet for a black power gun
85. When sewed together, as decorative chain mail
86. As an object to trace around (circle, finger shape etc)
87. When rolled into a ball, a missile fired from a sling shot
88. When fired out of an air cannon, as confetti
89. When enlarged, as a piece of modern art
90. To remove small DNA samples at crime scene investigations
91. When heated, to burst a boil
92. As a nose piercing
93. As a lanyard fastener
94. When enlarged, as a clothes line
95. When enlarged, as clothes pegs
96. When sown into a shirt, as a fashionable element
97. As buttons
98. As a hair clip
99. As a Javelin
100. As flagellation device
101. As a TV aerial
102. When made of kryptonite, the perfect villainous office gift for superman
103. As a toothpick
104. When encased in Anthrax, as a biological weapon
105. As a sundial
106. Used to scratch someone’s car or valuable item
107. To poke holes in a shoe box so your pet snake doesn’t die
108. To poke a hole in your coke bottle to make an annoying gun.
109. In a national flag, to show the nation is unified and fastened together
110. As a car aerial
111. As a pleasure ring
112. When enlarged, as a flag pole
113. When enlarged, as the mast of a ship
114.When glued together, to create a stylish yet ridiculous car body (I’ve seen matchstick cars, why not paperclip?)
115. To sculpt just about any fluid form (human, bike, ball, waves etc.)
116. To make bubbles
117. When bundled together, as a magnifying glass handle
118. To trace your way through a book line by line, instead of using your finger
119. As a animated character who makes office products accessible
120. As a main character in a kids film where the stationary comes alive
121. To make Koru shaped jewelry
122. When folded, to get the gunk out of a child’s nose
123. When sown into the lining of the fabric, to create tension
124. To measure the electrical impulses of a lemon, with clips attached on top
125. To jam up the fan in your sister’s (or brother’s?!) hairdryer
126. To fasten a corsage/boutonniere to your suit
127. As a tie pin
128. When shaped and enlarged, as the body of an electric guitar or violin
What if the paper clip:
129. Was made of sherbet? It could be eaten as a lolly!
130. Was added to a torture kit? It could be used to painfully prick the victim, scratching painful open wounds (I won’t get into that one).
131. Was made with two super reactive substances, that when heated the chemical reaction produced a gas? These paperclips could be given in sentiment (perfume), or used by intelligence to poison their targets.
132. Was made of a spring like material? It could be attached to clowning shoes.
133. Was so humungous, that it covered five rugby fields? Then it could be used to create an interesting business district, or city center.
134. Was humungous and made out of stone? It could be used to create a wall around a city.
135. Was twelve stories high? Once hollowed out, it could make for an interesting apartment complex, or office block.
136.A huge paperclip was pulled up to make a dome shape? Then with the addition of canvas, it could be used to set up a service tent.
137. Was magnetic? It could be used as a fridge magnet
138. Was made out of diamonds? It could be used as a fancy cufflink.
139. Was made out of plastic explosives? It could be used to quickly destroy classified documents.
140. Was made out of plastic explosives? It could be detonated by a remote, which triggered similar explosions from other “planted” paperclips. This technique could strategically destroy an office, or detonate in odd places.
141. Was enlarged and carved out of stone? It could be used as a placemat.
142. Was made out of wood, and covered with soft upholstery? It could be used as unique couch, or ottoman.
143. Was made out of marble? It could be used as a modern city sculpture.
144. Was made out of rubber? It could be used as a unique sole design for the latest pair of shoes.
145. Was the moon? Yes, what if the paperclip was the moon? Nighttime would be so very different…
146. Was discovered to be the same shape as a nearby galaxy? Would we call it the great Paperclip, or Paperclip Way?
147. Was enlarged, hollowed out, and placed underground? It would make a great layout for an underground bunker.
148. Was made out of foam? It would make a great flotation device.
149 Was made out of chalk? You could snap bits off to write on the chalkboard.
150. What if the core was made out of magic mushrooms, and covered in something edible? It could be easily smuggled across borders
151. Was fired from a rubber band? It could be used to annoy fellow classmates.
152. Was made out of thick steel? It could be used to create a strange looking cup handle on your old metal camping cup. 
Apararently the paperclip became a symbol of nazi resistance in norway, check it out: http://mysm2000.edublogs.org/2008/11/12/the-paper-clip/  
Listen to the kids talking about it: http://mysm2000.edublogs.org/files/2008/11/paperclip.mp3

5 thoughts on “152 Uses for the Paperclip

    • This is true, there does have to be a certain amount of tenacity in an exercise such as this! I am glad I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on it though, otherwise that would’ve been outrageously sad. Thanks for commenting!

  1. 5. LOL
    8. Eww
    17. That is so MacGyver
    21. Eww
    22. Awesome
    29. Atomic “Clouds” for the Bohr Model
    28 and 36 aren’t much different
    47. Hmm. We always hard-boiled and then painted.
    54. Clever
    75 and 78 – LOL
    102. Kryptonite paper clips. LOL
    103. Ouch
    132. Couldn’t it be twisted and used like a spring?
    145. ? LOL

    Nice Ideas. Very funny.

    • I’m surprised you got all the way through! I guess “Kill” and “skewer” are pretty similar. I was thinking about having it propped up on the end of it, like you see in museums.

      75-78 actually made me laugh again. haha I did this in one sitting, so by the end my ideas get a little crazy. Like the moon? haha.

      I did this after I read a psychology report saying that kids were given a test to see how many uses for a paperclip they could come up with, or something similar to that. It was an exercise in creativity. Most kids–95%, 6years and under–scored genius on the test. As their age increased their capacity for creativity diminished as they were told how to think, and began to learn more about “right and wrong”.

      I thought I’d give it a go to see if I could still think outside the box.

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