Exams: That Tricky Paragraph

It’s your third night without sleep; you have an exam in the morning. You’re flipping through your textbooks when you stumble across a previously missed Post-it note. It’s your writing, three times underlined, with four exclamation marks; “Important!!! 4 Essay!” You read this paragraph: 

Kefner’s Geo-thermal Retrobionic Algorithm Theory 

“In an ever multidirectional conversion system, one finds Kefner’s work to be both repressively incomplete, and explicitly ominous in design. Kefner’s regulation studies only show the negative impressions such systems endower on a subject. Given the gratuitous display of familiarity, present only in such overly hypnotic extrapolation, most test subjects show signs of intense fatigue, and even extreme hyperventilation. Although the neurological signs are very promising, Kefner’s famous conclusions are marked: outdated and upgraded. Only bio-chemical mattress entropy could ever function inside a formulated system of repeated coagulation, not in retrobionic buttress entropy, as Kefner suggested.  Such as, in a case of overheating, where the test subjects, having been committed to ice, received a complex infusion of erroneous deltoids. J F Shallotte’s study on irregular infusion and transfusion ambiguities reveals countless flaws in Kefner’s argument for a geo-thermal retrobionic algorithm theory, namely revealing his lack of innate dexterity in creating an immovable extraction process, which is of course a contradiction in terms. Therefore Kefner’s study reveals but one crucial question for today’s researchers; can an image of non-exact proportions exacted in retrobionic positioning, ever come to resonate behind and between an eclectic graduation of geo-thermal wave lengths?” 


4 thoughts on “Exams: That Tricky Paragraph

    • Remember how I said I was good at making up rubbish? Well none of this means anything, I just put a whole lot of words together with one intent only, “to confuse.” It’s non-sense. The funny part is that you made sense of the non-sense. hahah

      It seems I succeeded. 😀

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