Like fog his mind wanders,
Wavering with every impulse;
There is no reason in chaos,
Ambiguity threatens him.
When his colour is shown,
He meets it with question
His heart is cumbersome,
reeling in countless possibility.
Why, should he know everything?
Is he trapping his mind,
Enlarging his prison,
Showing himself to be blind?
He will not reemerge
For none understands,
He suffers alone,
Choking on the chill of life.
A life is here
Never lived
Forever unboxed
Never solved
Cold and damp
Weak and shaking
In utter perplexity
Where is hope?
A life is here.
He is awake and warned,
To a possibility in paradox,
That he must find life in death,
And death in life.
He shelters,
He waits.
Hope will emerge.
He wrestles,
He groans.
He will find peace
– Iain Sutherland


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