The Mourning Mist: Ristretto Napkin Poetry

 The Mourning Mist
They shuffle, up and down, up and down;
The mourning fog blinding their souls
It’s a grind, a way of life
Where true freedom is uncommon
And slavery is the bottom of the,
Line ______________
A long black line,
The thin grey mist,
A whisper of emotion,
A colour on my lips;
This is my ristretto 
A burst of bliss,
A caramel kiss,
That shatters through,
The mourning mist;
This is my ristretto.
The Ink Jester (Iain Sutherland)
(Left) – The Original poem drawn on a “Strictly Coffee” napkin. The ristretto is an italian coffee brewing method, where a large quantity of beans is quickly extracted through the barista’s machine, leaving a strong caramel taste. The ristretto left my palate free of bitterness, and had a smooth, sharp, well rounded flavour that was so good, it inspired poetry.
$3.50 from Strictly Coffee, down albany way (busker’s alley).

5 thoughts on “The Mourning Mist: Ristretto Napkin Poetry

  1. I like it, I was at starbucks this morning having an iced caramel macchiato with my cousin and Aunty and her Dad. He is so awesome, he quotes poetry and bible scriptures all the time. He brought out this old english poetry book and started reading it to me, something about an old church graveyard. I love his passion and enthusiasm.

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