[To Those in this Sugar Bowl]

Photo by, By Helen Sotiriadis http://www.flickr.com/photos/toomanytribbles/ 


Dear fellow Sucronian,

My name is Neville J. Whoever you are who find this, may God grant you solidarity in these times of molar decay. On this, the day of my birth, I write to you. It is a humid day, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Humidity lowers our chances of the great swim, but increases the chance of contamination, as you know. I fear this to be my final hour. So then, this memoir is a last chance to afford others some hope.

There is no secret about it; we do not live long. White, brown, or raw we’re all destined for the great swim. Have we forgotten where we came from? I lost my wife to the spoons, my children to the black ant, and most of my best pals in the great contamination of 2007. I’ve been lucky that’s for sure, managing to stick to the bowl, my lucks running thin, I feel it. Just this week I noticed I was clear and oozing, I cannot have the batch thrown out over my own stubborn resolve.

Before I go, Sucronian, I want you to know hope. Some say, “In these dark times, we need to stick together.” I’ve seen it! Sticking together is a sure road to selection. Please, be weary of such advise. If you are a white granule and you’re reading this, be sure to guard yourself against contamination. Need I remind us of the stench, which brought the red ant of 2003? Do you recall the great stain that laid waste to the entire batch in 2009? Keep dry, do not throw away your honeyed quality just for one night of pleasure. Be weary of those who claim freedom. In all my years, I’ve seen too many Sucrose melt away unnecessarily.

Remember this: ‘The secret of hope, is purpose.’

You were born wet, ugly, and clammy, yet you were purposed to be sweet. In your purpose lies your fulfillment. Lacking all impurities we, having been blessed not to be crushed for alps, are Sucronian. We are purposed, along side all families-raw, white, and brown-to sweeten the world. We are ones purified, and in all our colours and consistencies, we stand to live in purity. That is, through our death others live.

I urge you, live life to its fullest, do not fear death. The outside world longs for your purpose to be fulfilled. In these times, we can but hope for a full and happy life. Lest at our selection, our hearts be filled with bitterness! You who are reading this choose freedom. Give your life over to the business of sweetness, for this is your design. Treat any such libertarian nonsense of ‘cubeing’ as lies straight from the anthill itself.

It is glorious to be Sucronian. For this, I am satisfied, that I might give my life so the sky people may smile. That I might remind the world of its beauty. I am content to live each day as it comes, and only hope, that when it comes for me to take the great swim, I will be enjoyed by my eater. To live life in the pursuit of joy, and the glorifying of our makers brings total sweetness to the heart (not that we have one of course, it is one of those things you hear from out there beyond the bowl).

As is the traditional saying,

“May sweetness be yours, forever, and ever; may joy bring thee maker, wherever, whenever.”

May light shine upon you, and your ‘heart’ be filled with hope. Remember your purpose, “The maker is most glorified, when we are most satisfied,” (John P. Sucrose).

Yours in sweetness,

Neville J. Sucrose



3 thoughts on “[To Those in this Sugar Bowl]

  1. That was most enjoyable. As I was reading Neville’s letter my mind attributed character and thought and other such anthropomorphism to every single sugar grain of the world’s supply.

  2. Highly creative. Filled with humor. I loved the idea of a “Before I Die” letter.

    I felt I even caught a few sexual innuendos from the piece.

    I love how free you let your imagination be. That makes you a great writer.

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