Nobody Cares

This is a 40line poem I wrote for a prompt contest on:

“Write a STORY or POEM about something unexpected happening during a high school graduation.”

Teased, of course
Brushing knuckles
Wringing hands
Doesn’t wear glasses
Just silent, staring
Misunderstood. Sits alone.
Some say savant
Some say saint
Most say nothing.

Shuffles, shoes shine
Neck tie straight
Hair brushed, twice,
Mother fuss, “ok, ok”
Dad works, “cant.”
Aunt takes photos
Ducks out of shot;
The masquerade
Soon to be over:
“shake, receive,
forced smile, look.”

Seats, red-brown
Empty beside him, lonely
Murmuring rector, calling
Auditorium flooded
With animal fervor
No eyes see, “well done”
Got the certificate.

Dux is announced:
Faint applause
One camera flash
Name repeated, twice
Global rustle, realisation
Shatter mirror
Geese scatter
Nods for insecticide
Melts under lights
whites of eyes, jaw jam
All eyes fixed, never before.
For goodness sake
“you” “you” “you”


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