A poem inspired by Robert Aldrich’s “Kiss me deadly”, 1955. 


Something interesting. Something strange. Something quaint,
Cute, cuddly, and—

A proactive detective guarded from empathy
— not a heroic figure.
A bedroom ‘Dick’, who takes divorce cases. He’s a blackmailer, and a pimp…

He’s a user of everyone to get what he wants. Proposed,
“What’s in it for me?”
“The great what’s it.” They, they, they—

— The ultraviolent hero, smiles whimsically as he crushes your finger for
The Key. The Key to what? “The great what’s it.”
“What’s it?”

Something provocative. Something sad. Something mad-bad, grab-grab,
Jab-jab: Beware, the

By Iain Sutherland
(The Ink Jester)


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