Cyberbullying 101 – A Rap

I wrote this in response to “Cybergullying rap, verse or poem…anyone???” – I hope it helps!


I’ve been dead for a week now, 
How, I gotta bow.
They took my life in a picture,
Fixture, monumental vow.
Don’t wanna go to school,
I’m a tool-fool
So they say, pray,
You’ll like n share a mirage.
The garage, is where I’m gonna go,
Hide, side with the voices sayn
The villain is livin,
“Cut him down, cut him down!”
The villain is givin,
“Take him down, take him”
You don’t like it? fight it,
Don’t stop and light it,
Be a no show, go AWOL
Go against the flow, show:
I don’t like this post, or this
Popularity hilarity. It’s viral:
I don’t kiss for bliss,
Never could ever lever this control,
Share a lie, this ain’t me,
Tow the line, know the line
Shine, I wanna shine!
They make me cool as ice,
“Lice,” this ain’t my name!
Don’t share your game,
For fame or dame,
Or control of the lane.
Take a lesson from a master
Plaster I’m redecorating,
Decorating your mind,
Fine, I’ll tell you mine,
Give me time:
“Don’t like or share, show you care
Don’t need a lair to be fair,
Don’t be cruel just be kool,
This text bullyn aint for you.”
Don’t hide behind your screens,
Crushing dreams,
Who gave you
Words like these?
We speak’n words of life,
Putt’n cyber bullies under knife,
Getn life, giving life,
Making up your mind:
Don’t like n’ share that post.
© Iain Sutherland, 2013
Image credit: Stop Bullying
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24 thoughts on “Cyberbullying 101 – A Rap

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  2. It IS amazing!! I wish I could write a rap but just can’t seem to get the hang of it. thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I truly appreciate it! First of November I will be putting each poem/rap up and keeping them at the front until mid November. That is national anti-bullying week. Blessings, Oliana

    • Excellent! This was my first attempt, I have ideas for a second, but we shall see what happens. It was a true honour writing this for your anti-bullying week. Blessing to you too, and may it go as well as possible! May the message spread!

  3. Really enjoyed this….rap style and the layout…intriguing and very well done! Sad topic but one I think so many relate to that hopefully with enough protest it could be lessened! Well…one could hope any way… 🙂

    • One can never do enough it seems, especially when it comes to bullying. I quite like the layout too, I’m thinking of writing a poem in the same format. This was just a bit of fun, I’m not really much of rapper 😛 and for I’m even more happy that you enjoyed it!!

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