The Immutable Seasons – Part 1 – Insecurity

Part one of a four-part epic called “The Immutable Seasons.” I hope to release all four parts by the end of the week. I have exams coming up in the following ten days, if I’m less active you know why.Thanks for all the support!

Calcified petrified Fish Eagle————————————————————————————————

The Immutable Seasons

I. Insecurity

What I might hope to find in this dejected old grey shed
With its wood-rot windows muddied with slow time and sadness,
Is that childhood mineshaft of cavernous great light and sun,
Bursting from torches
To find crystal depths on hand drawn maps.
I’ll circle in a slurry of leaves and autumn sunshine,
Battling boards and free-vines until I find a lock unlatched.
I might join the fortune circus just to leap the trapeze
And stare wantonly down upon moon luminous faces.
On inferno summer lawns and in flaming canvas tents
I’ll watch acrobats,
exchange silver souls for strange freedom;
And glimpse tight Ring Masters flush as I topple and fall
Irresistibly in love with fraying my own dark ropes.
I’ll show a documentary realism par excellence
by staying up all night under Orion’s still white belt,
I’ll wait making daisy-chains in sweet flowering spring air
Watching for a nest
Of poor rapport to fall, life and all;
As the abstract wind cuts genius brushstrokes at new life,
Threatening a bellbird’s plush breasted love and proud devotion.
What I hope to lose in this snow-cut cold trench, is my heart,
With its winter of skeleton trees and broken friendships,
For I’d like to believe I’m not standing over crevasses
Of lost memory
waiting to entomb me in blue ice;
But I’m clearing the drive because I can’t stand to fight you,
Making war trenches in my very own blood plot called home.
© Iain Sutherland, 2013


(Petrified Fish Eagle by Nick Brandt: CLICK HERE, for his website click HERE)
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“The immutable Seasons” is a working title for this piece. If anyone has any ideas for a better title (after you’ve read all four parts) then let me know! Thanks!!!

12 thoughts on “The Immutable Seasons – Part 1 – Insecurity

  1. I love every bit of this. An exciting concept, and I can’t wait to see what you do with the other parts. Some really lovely imagery here that I needed to reread in parts to experience again, particularly the circus portion. The second to the last stanza… felt that one.

    • Hi Tiffany! So great to hear your feedback. I’m glad you connected with the imagery, especially the insecure birds nest stanza. I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the coming sections. 😀 I’m sorry I haven’t had time to check out your latest work, exams and all, but I’m coming over now to have a look!

  2. I absolutely love the way you write, you really know your way around a verse and your words convey a confidence and maturity beyond your years that can only be gained from the painful experiences one goes through in life and reflects back on them learning and growing as a person.
    I get a real sense of that as well as this poem moves from an almost innocent exuberance reflecting back on the adventurous spirit of youth to the battle hardened realism of adulthood where bitterness and cynisism tend to take root and choke out the flowery hopefulness and optimism that has been let down one too many times. I can’t wait for the upcoming parts to this, very intrigued to see where you will take us!

    • Thank you sir! I’m glad you can make sense of the images in juxtaposition and see the narrative themes I’m building. It’s true, life has dealt me some harsh blows, and although I will never trivialise those struggles, I am glad to have learnt from them.


      • Everyone experiences things that are painful or hard to deal with and most certainly learn something from them but I think what separates the writer from everyone else is that extra process of internalization and self analysis that most people do on a subconscious level but writers spend 95% of their time consciously doing inside their own head, so that when those words come out people read them and say “Ah ha, this guy gets it”!
        I’m awake now, coffee in hand and heading to part II

  3. I read this….I loved it….couldn’t pick out one line or stanza for they are all woven together so very seamlessly…so beautifully. So…I will have to ditto what Poetic said more than so very eloquently! You have a very intriguing way you use words…and again…I absolutely love it!

    • Hi Christina! Ah, your compliments fill me with joy. Right now I’m stuck on part three, and I have exams looming. I’m glad you felt it was woven together nicely, there can be some pitfalls to writing a poem like this. I’m glad it’s working so far. Thank you!!!!

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