The Immutable Seasons – Part 2 – Immutablity

II. Immutablity
Pheidippides and I ran schist-rock roads for near a day:
“We won!” he shouts, over-and-over in shoe-beat rhythm,
Our titanic feet unaware we scarcely hold a breath.
Hermes will be proud
Of spring hearty daffodil salutes—
Given in synch with pneumonia-style lungs of poor runners,
While they taste their vicious red blood at marathon Mach-Four.
With risk-tarred lungs
heaving with finish-line
glory: “We won.”
Aphrodite and I spoke long over last night’s wine:
She told me of a lunar nectar craven by new-weds
Who twist and raise bodies of intertwined flesh and soft lips.
wrapped in summer bleached sheets of high love. 
Your lips they chaste me in want of faithful monogamy
Like gods and goddesses of time immutably in love. 
Even myths die
and gods fade, but love is
Mother and I shared sad smiles in my first photograph:
Her dry and braided streams of lost tears drove lesions of fear
From globe proud irises that only knew love—now divorce.
At twelve I knew film–
Stock disposables had taught me sight.
I went looking for treasure in amongst bold-hued red leaves,
To find craters of war-crime children dying in trenches.
years catch melancholy
Moses and I climbed Sinai looking for a burning bush:
He takes wet sandals off in the snow and thinks it white-hot,
We speak of trembling quake cracked mountains and flaming great swords,
As I take off my
Boots and join the holy revelry.
I used my oxygen tank to build an alter to God,
when my blackened feet gave way to the joys of paradise.
An immutable
mountain secures yet an-
other body.
© Iain Sutherland, 2013
Photo credit: “Immutable” by Aconitum Napellus 
Header: click here for Mount Sinai in Snow

6 thoughts on “The Immutable Seasons – Part 2 – Immutablity

  1. Fascinating journey….both in the thoughts conveyed and their unique presentation. Your thoughts do make me think…ponder….I like that! Anticipatious for more….please 🙂

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