Super Power: Kinetoscope Vision


Kinetoscope Vision 

I wish I had Edison’s Kinetoscope vision,
Forty-frames per-second, but not
A twenty-seven span of attention,
The precious ability to see
Frame-by-frame each God given second,
Each clumsy mistake, interlaced
With hindsight and freeze frame precision.
I would not need a Black Maria
As my travelling bastion of memory;
But, like the Kinetoscope in fashion,
I’d store my memories in a box,
Especially that moment of crystalline thought,
Flickering across the sunshine quilt,
That is so often my countenance after
A moment of epiphany and repentance.
Nevermind the black and white strip,
I’d go searching boldly across the Kodak
Countryside looking for a colour field,
To saturate the negative around me.
So God give me my Kinetoscope vision,
So that I might see each moment as only
You could ever see: grant me this power,
To see the reality you have given me,
In two-strip Technicolour, 40 Frames,
Twenty-seven seconds, and grant me the eyes to
See each second as a fixed point in time,
Encased in the hope and beauty it deserves.
© Iain Sutherland, 2013.


4 thoughts on “Super Power: Kinetoscope Vision

    • Lead? 🙂 thanks for all your comments over the last few months. I always find your posts and comments insightful and whimsical. You make WordPress so much more enjoyable a place. Thank you!!

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