We Wait (For Christchurch)

Chirstchurch Earthquake

We Wait (For Christchurch)

I bore the name of Christchurch as a badge,
Crafted with hope-cut armourial glass.

We wait for earthquake lands to be redeemed.

I tramped the red-zone painted silver white,
With liquid satisfaction and a smile.

We wait for our land to be condemned.

I traced zen-toned fissures in cathedrals,
And heard those hungry voices through the crack.

We wait for ancient halls to be refilled. 

I saw the CBD demolished (cold),
Bare and bruised amongst the colour-form clouds.

We wait for brazen boxes of high glass.

I found paper thin confidence in planes,
Made of scrap-book memories of children.

We wait for small hands secure in their play.

I conjured up the ancestral stoic,
And quickly walked the tram-lined English streets.

We wait for our lines to be connected.

I remember the February quake,
The twenty second date, the first of more.

We wait for the quake to abate and quench

I caught mystery in those ruined shop isles;
Charlie, remember those ice cream shop smiles?

We wait for spring to end this winter mirth.

Oh, Christchurch of the nether-year, stand up,
And wait in hope, for your city’s rebirth.

We wait for earthquake lands to be redeemed.


[To all those waiting after the Christchurch quakes. May you wait in hope. Kia Kaha, Kia Toa, and may God Bless You—God knows you deserve it].

(For more information on the Christchurch Earthquake: click here)

© Iain Sutherland, 2013.
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7 thoughts on “We Wait (For Christchurch)

  1. Ah in SoCal we expect the earth to move most days…and somewhere in the state it does…most of them we ignore…but alas the “the big one” is coming…have a wonderful holiday season.

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