I Spy… 5/5 ft. Chew your food appendix



Good evening meta,

good night discourse,

hello brain


tumbling through

a Web

of Meaning,


Sit still, and Listen

for the universal pieces, but

be prepared


To work

For a full bodied




Explanation: this morning—with a 1am big mac, at McDonalds—I wrote this silly poem you just read. It was too long to put into one post. So instead I broke it up for you, like a mother cuts up her children’s meat. I would actually love to hear what you thought of it—along with some of my other work. 

You see, I’ve got this theory that some brains turn to mulch whenever they see an elongated verse. On the other hand, some of us have learnt to chew our steak. nevertheless, here at theinkjester.com I am committed to helping you chew your food. 

Thank you for reading this frightfully silly appendix. 

May the ink well never run dry, 

Iain Sutherland.

© Iain Sutherland, 2014.
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6 thoughts on “I Spy… 5/5 ft. Chew your food appendix

  1. Very thought provoking, and very interesting. To be honest, I read parts one and two and was really trying very hard to “get into your headspace” and decode what you were writing. Then I read through 3/5, involuntarily smiled and chuckled to myself, then started the series over again.

    I read much of it as a lament of our current cultural tendencies of being unable to create original thought, culminating in the idea of your appendix in pointing out that many people cannot even sit through more than a sound bite of information at a time. “Sit still, and listen for the universal pieces, but be prepared to work for a full bodied translation.” Very powerful. It’s easy for anyone to point out inspiring quotes and phrases, to pick up on a point or two that makes them feel better, but to truly glean meaning from anything takes dedication and an inquisitive mind.

    The four letters “TLDR” (too long, didn’t read) are among the most passionately saddening phrases a person can seriously say to me.

    • Wow Jonny, you have completely nailed the central focus of this poem, and even helped me see it clearer than I had. You’ve cut to the heart of it…

      TLDR — so sad, those words. Never…let’s hope, do I hear those words.

      Thank you for finding the full bodied translation, and thank you for taking up the challenge 😀

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