Red Lobster $35.40



Red Lobster – $35.40


Like a lobster in a net

I am famished for a future

beyond the melting pot.

I daren’t wish my back broken

or my insides a delicacy

for the capital machine.


I’ve never been one for the Vegan philosophy, or its ethics, rather; but, today I was struck by the savage ferocity of snapping such a beautiful creature in half. I am allergic to egg, milk, and nuts so you won’t make a vegan out of me; however, there, in amongst the Lobster’s broken shell, lay a magnificent allegory…


The capital machine shaved

the nape of my neck, looking

for a straw shaped entrance.


They took my creativity and family

as I offered up my soul:

“That they might be sustained.”


I watched them snap my spine

looking for the last of life, 

before the grand deposit—


God forbid.


Push me towards the sunset

in my borrowed wheelchair

to see what I’ve forgotten. 


© Iain Sutherland, 2014.
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Disclaimer: Any advertisements displayed on this page are done so without my endorsement and approval. I have nothing against “the Red Lobster” I have merely used this logo lend authenticity to this post. The photo can be removed if required.


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