The Knights of Christmas ft. Appendix



The Knights of Christmas


the knights of Christmas

Around the banquet table,

are full to bursting.


The old and young

clench fistfulls of cut meat, and

toss oaken red wine


down wide open necks,

and guffaw over conquest,

of the yester-year.




Something I wrote on Christmas day,

that never saw the light.

I glanced around the room and prayed,

for dinner to be light.

My stomach churned my head was foggy,

wishing I was groggy.

Instead, I let my chin hang wide,

and slept away my worry.

I hope you all had a splendid Christmas, and that you were so utterly full it disgusted you. My sister was recently married so, myself and the family, we spent Christmas with “The In-laws.” I was so full-to-bored, I wished for a whole bottle to myself—just to pass the time, and satisfy the images of drunken knights clattering around inside my skull—instead, I wrote this poem before shortly falling asleep.

Enjoy. Share. Comment. I would love to hear about your own Christmas misadventures.

May the inkwell never run dry, 

Iain Sutherland.

© Iain Sutherland, 2014.

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8 thoughts on “The Knights of Christmas ft. Appendix

  1. We had Christmas this year? Why didn’t someone tell me. Although my Christmas was not like any other year, Christmas day was filled with peace if only just for the day. I have been on Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride (as my daughter used to call it when everything is wrong and nothing makes sense) and the ride is still going. I purposely bought no presents this year. I did spend time with my family right a couple days before Christmas as my dad and his wife moved to Florida two days after Christmas. It was a weird holiday. I didn’t get to host my Christmas Eve party. I leaned on the reason we celebrate Christmas to begin with…God sending his son for all of us…the most selfless gift of all. This is where my peace came from and continues to come from as the proverbial shoe keeps dropping. Sorry for the gloom but it has truly been a sad 3-4 weeks. What I wouldn’t give to have my entire family at my house. =)

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