In preparation of Poe

Lay Down Poet

On a recent voyage through a small town, my girl and I, we happened upon the most curious boutique store—specialising in retro nick-nacks, and you-namey-whats-its. I picked up, “Tales and Essays” by Edgar Allen Poe, from which I’d like to quote you something:

“I need scarcely observe that a poem deserves its title only inasmuch as it excites, by elevating the soul. The value of the poem is in the ratio of this elevating excitement.” (Allen Poe, “The Poetic Principle”)

I have taken this man’s wisdom to heart; therefore, I have taken upon myself the most solemn and joyous challenge: to stir such excitement and elevation in you—my gracious readers.

Above ^^ you will see a poem I’ve put to picture. A quick reflection as I sit down to write. Let me know what you think of this quote. Does it challenge you too?

May the inkwell never run dry, 


© Iain Sutherland, 2014.

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8 thoughts on “In preparation of Poe

  1. I do agree with this. The perceptions, though, of the reader vary substantially and some are excited more than others by certain poems. I feel this myself when I read poems. Some move me beyond measure and i am sure it is partly because of what experiences or feelings I bring to it and, of course, the way in which the author has communicated their thoughts. Perhaps as long as one person is elevated by what is written the aim is achieved. We may never know how much a person is truly affected by the word.
    It is important though to write from the heart and in this we are vulnerable and seeking to reach out. I admire these words and do agree that the avoidance of cliche is wise unless it serves purpose within the work itself.
    May all your words be wise. May all our words aspire to be.x

    • I totally agree. What a fantastic, and healthy, reflection on this quote. Sometimes I wish I had chosen a less subjective passion, something like science; but, then I am reminded of the elevation of my own soul: when the universe is transcribed into words, and a sentence is finally wrestled to the ground. Thank you for your encouraging and kind words. 😛

  2. To be free of rhetoric and reheresal. To be free from life’s cruel cage of conformity.

    Fresh. Suave. Alive.

    Life as He meant it to be, free from all impurity…

  3. Oh yes, Oh yes–I may not always succeed, as sometimes I have absolutely no control over the poem that spills out of me; they are not always “willing to be wrestled” ya know?

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