Of Caverns and Carnations



Of Caverns and Carnations


A haggard face that searched for the fountain

of rejuvenation, held forth carnations—

sweet scented—and the moonlight swept them in

to a shadow dance of light and colour.

Hung from sockets, the eyes of coal

wait for friendly sparks to light the soul:

that withered on the shore of midnight bliss,

that shivered at the mouth of the abyss.

The darkness drawing in the wounded weak,

clings life, those bland cold eyes afeared to speak;

that purple light, slight view, would disappear

as funeral flowers droop in feint despair.

The chrysalis shape — soft howls for freedom

from that alluring cavern, “You heathen.”

Throw your flowers at its complicit jaws,

find beauty in the hell of darkest flaws.

Oh, blistered body lying at the mouth—

Oh, scent sweet sun that flourishes thy health; 

Those lumens of  kindness, and dewy morn

of birdsong, that hide the darkness of dawn.



© Iain Sutherland, 2014.
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3 thoughts on “Of Caverns and Carnations

  1. I love all of it, but especially the carnations–one of my top fave flowers. And though I lament the absence of the pretty blue header photo you had, your new design is lovely and enticing–I’m just glad to be reconnected! That said, I have to say that your blog loads at a snail’s pace for me–I could get up and poor a diet Pepsi, waiting for the header to lower like a stage curtain. Anyway, if you can lend me the old blue photo again, I was serious about writing something new for it–my colander brain forgets much, but not the impact of that photo. So glad to know that you’re here and well, Iain–best to you in this sparkling new year. Mirada

    • I’m so glad you love that photo. I’ll try and work into a post for you then I’ll link it out 😛 — I would be seriously honoured if you were to write another poem to it! Alternatively if you drop me your email address I can send you the high-quality version and you can use it as much as you want

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