Ali Baba and the Forty Capitalists


Ali Baba and the Forty Capitalists


I’m sure I spotted

Ali Baba

At the waterhole—

“Coffee Cathedral”


“If I’m not mistaken,”

I declared.

“You’re Ali Baba,

Aren’t you?”


The suit

Was rather misleading.

And where,

Are your forty thieves?


Had they been dispersed?

What had they become?

Resented, perhaps

A fault of their leader?


It cannot be

That you are he,

The real

Ali Baba!


Betrayed, I began

To turn aside

Onto other matters,

When, eloquence:


“Alan Barber now;

But, I am delighted

You have encountered

My former work”


Perfect white dentures

Trimmed beard

In a goatee, impossible

A lick of grey.


Some scarring, yes

But, where is that

Vicious energy, that

Barbarism from afar?


“Where are the thieves?!”

I blurted out,

Having been stunned,

Into silence.


“Alan Barber and

Associates: Finance

And stock specialists.

Here is my card.”


Ali Baba and

The forty Capitalists:

Exotic images

Minced and mangled.


It was disgusting

A tragedy of utterance

What Ali Baba

Had become.


© Iain Sutherland, 2014.
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