Phantasmagoric Representations of Discourse and Rubric


A referent|Perspectives|Represent|Of ideology|Juxtaposed|Image|

A metonymy|Positions|Range|Of view|Contradicted|Word|

A sign|Palpable|A|Of subject|Opposed|Image|

A signifier|Presumptions|Rationale|Of object|IN|Word|

A language|Psychoanalytically|Rubric|Of identity| Paradox|Image|

A desire|Presumed|A|Of example|ONE SEES|Word|

A need|Pictured|Right|Of Exploration|Another|Image|

A view|Pandered|Reflection|Of Explanation|phantasmagoric|Word|


The equation of consciousness;

The unfolding algorithm of sense;

The representations of discourse:

Are crowds that cramp

The language of (RE) vision;

Are images and words

Tangled in their reference.


— © Iain Sutherland, 2014. —

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7 thoughts on “Phantasmagoric Representations of Discourse and Rubric

    • Yea I understand this is a hard one haha There is a hidden structure behind the top poem that unlocks the whole, but I made it intentionally abstract and loose to see people wrestle with its meaning. It’s about representation in society that codes meanings, and hides a larger whole under seemingly abstract unconscious intentions. Like the poem, a meaning might be grasped but then quickly lost in the great whole.

      I wanted to play with people’s unconscious expectations of poetry, and get readers thinking about how media codes messages for us everyday, and we hardly question it’s structure.

      Hope that helps!! Hehe

      • Thank you for the explanation–my brain is on vacation or sick leave! Yes, I totally get that the media codes messages–manipulation, no? Thanks again–God bless you.

  1. Awww, FlutePlayer…. I was going to say that… erm.. I’m on my second cup of coffee of the day, Iain, and I’ve read through three times, so my brain should’ve seen and absorbed the integral and underlining subliminal message… Off for my 3rd cup… 😎 xxx

    • awww…don’t think too hard! I appreciate you putting in the effort, that is saying something. In fact it’s that mental assertion and problem solving I’m trying to cultivate with this poem. So I couldn’t ask for a better response… 😀

      Three cups in…I’m guess that would push you a little past lunchtime? Unless you are a 10 a day coffee fiend…

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