The title is “Lord”

The content is prejudice

There’s no conclusion.


20 thoughts on “Title..

  1. This resonates for me tonight, writing something about a poor youth struggling with racism, who called our service tonight…it breaks my heart how we do not think enough the impact on our children:( Thank you for your sharing your perfect haiku.

    • Yes! I write out of a broken heart…I think sometimes that’s all I know how to do when I start drowning in the world’s inconsistencies.

      I’m so happy that she/he had someone to talk to, and even doubly so that it was you.

      Racism is very prevalent over here in NZ, but I am so grieved that when I bring it up people say, “It’s all in your head” “They just need to try harder” “They have equal opportunity, they don’t apply themselves” “It’s not longer about race, it’s about class..” arhhhghgggghhghhh!!!

      • Oh please!!Tell me about class…I had an experience in a diner tonight during my break. But I am old enough to care less how I sound…so I had a great sarcastic response to the urban snob. I do dislike pretentious people. I may just vent into a journal tonight…a poem will take me too long. Thanks again for that lovely poem! May I reblog it? It may be a good segue-way to my journal.

      • Oh gosh, I got picture it all. You waving off some gent with a bent lip and tight pants. You sitting before the blank page spilling out your thoughts and emotions. Ahhh such great conversation, conversation with a writer!

        You may certainly re-blog it, I would find that most encouraging to hear what your friends and followers think.

      • Thank you, Oliana. 🙂 I must say, you have a beautiful name. Thank you for encouraging me, I don’t often write haiku for the very reason you mention. It has to be something loaded with thought…it’s too easy to half get there with a haiku.

      • I love using haiku with photos though and I know I am not perfect and less than half rigth some of the times but when it is bang on, I am told by connosseurs…it`s like singing…I have a terrible voice but love to sing…um, bad example; I love to write and each day I get better at it…it has been a year March 17th I started this blog. Oliana Kim is a pen name. Oli the first letters of my son`s name and ana, my daughter; Kim is a nickname I called my sister when I was a wee child because I had a difficult time pronouncing her name. So it is a pen name but it is really part of me and my personal life. Blessings, Oliana x

      • Thank you for explaining your name! Beautiful! It’s so amazing that you get to have your family with you every time you write. Blessings to you too, Oliana!

  2. “Writing out of broken heart” over the “world’s inconsistencies”–yes indeed, Iain. Hey, sorry no one commented on the reblog of Ali Baba–guess I should have known, as almost no one ever does…pity, they’re missing out.

    • I did get one comment on my blog from someone who had wandered over from your blog, so I think it was as good re-blogs go. Re-blogging competitions seems to work, but other than that… I appreciate it all the same. When you wrote a poem to my picture I plastered links all over my FB wall, and twitter…nothing but boo from a ghost.

      Blessings! May the day be one of joy Mirada

      • Oh I’m laughing–not even a “boo”??!! Not sure whether that means my writing needs serious improvement–or whether the world is mostly too busy to read poets!! God bless you this day, Iain. We will soldier on, writing anyway!

      • I think it’s the latter… your poetry is too lovely! Yes, we will soldier on! Poetry will never die. The world needs poets: we are bastions of beauty, and voices in the darkness.

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