Rome is all but lost

trojanhorse war horse


A warhorse full of holes
is of no use to Rome, quick!
The legions bleed from within—
Gaul may slight us: sacrosanct
are His imperial ranks!

Feet-hands-flesh (from the left hoof);
piles of the cold weapons;
gleeful heads poking out holes:
it seems, the gods have been kind—
they’ve set the mane alight.

And what is this nonsense?
the legions have gotten
into the quince again!
They’ve take their fill
of immature new wine!

Taken with rudeness, you
wave your impiety
at the enemy’s gates;
yet, meanwhile the warhorse
burns, with all its weapons.

Shame, cowardice, and loot!
Lost, and darkened, Roman
Son, reveller at the gates!
Look! They see up your skirts!
They comment on your size!

The children have begun
to limber through the holes;
to paint themselves with char;
to gorge themselves with wine:
and Rome is all but lost.


© Iain Sutherland, 2014.
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3 thoughts on “Rome is all but lost

      • I’m impressed when people write about history–because that was not an easy subject for me in school, nor geography, math, etc etc etc. If it hadn’t been for English, I’d have probably failed altogether! I wonder if you have aspirations to teach? You’d be great–between your ability to present ideas so well, and your engaging personality!

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