I awoke one morning to discover that my flesh had been replaced with plastic: and to my surprise, it was an improvement.

With some fiddling, I could make my body, face, and expressions change into whatever I imagined. This kind of intuitive programmable-flesh was surely a blessing, and not a curse.


At one moment, I could imagine myself stronger than I was, and in another, I could register emotions I didn’t even feel. I was comfortable in my own skin, but this was ‘luxury’.

Before I knew it, I was popular, famous, envied, and desired all in one breath. I had gathered friends-enough to lose count, and the banks were never empty. I filled closets with rich clothing, threw lavish parties, and bought exorbitant houses in exclusive neighbourhoods.

I was a doppelgänger:

Until last night.


When I awoke at 4am this morning.

I awoke to discover my flesh horrifically returned to its former dull state:

 and now my life is over.

© Iain Sutherland, All Rights Reserved, 2014.
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11 thoughts on “Doppelgänger

    • Ah, but sometimes it is better to live the life of a doppelgänger than to risk a life in the real world: a life where pleasures and experience have their tangible effect.

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