That Dull Blade

—That Dull Blade—
chasing palpitations
of despair at the state
of the nation.

—That Dull Blade—
of palpitations, chasing
the nation at the state
of despair.

—That Dull Blade—
Of nations, chasing despair
at the palpitations
of the state.

—That Dull Blade—
Of the state, chasing
palpitations through a
nation of despair.

—That Dull Blade—
of despair, chasing
the state of the nation
through its palpitations.

© Iain Sutherland, All Rights Reserved, 2014

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7 thoughts on “That Dull Blade

    • Indeed they do…I’m so glad you understood this one. It’s always nice to know when the message has made it across

      I got your email, I hope to reply sometime in the next few days, if not today 😀

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