Absence or Absinthe?

I’m over here, you’re over there

I’m on the stair, I’m in the air

My brain is full, my brain is *bull

I’m not impaired, I’m freak’n scared

The days are long, the days are short

I spend them here, I spend them there

I can’t believe, I can’t conceive

I’ve got no womb, I’ve not got loom

To tie my mess, or cease to stress

Of absence or absinthe—

and adolescent miss-connection,

of disconnected-disconnection—

Or whatever you call, you call whatever

This mess of mine: this mine of messes—

I mime the masses, in their messes

I dine on pressures, and their pleasures—

This mess of mime,

This mess of mine.


© Iain Sutherland; All Rights Reserved, 2014

Disclaimer: Any advertisements displayed on this page are done so without my endorsement and approval.




10 thoughts on “Absence or Absinthe?

  1. I’ve been wondering where you were!!! Fretting about you–hope this wonderful poem does not reflect current reality. God bless you–love, Auntie Caddo/Mirada

    • hey! Life has been a bit crazy lately with Uni and other stuff, so unfortunately its 85% true. You are so wonderful, thinking about me like that, that makes me smile!! Exams are over on Monday, so I hope to be back posting soon. 🙂

      • Oh good, well not good that life’s been crazy–but I was fearing something really horrible and awful; if it’s mostly school/exams, not LOVE, then I can relax a bit–see you later, dear heart, praying you ace all the exams! God bless you and Tam.

      • Thanks for the prayers, I need them! 🙂 Tam and I are strong as ever, nothing to worry about there. I hope to be back blogging probably Tuesday next week–after my last exam. Looking forward to catching up on your poetry!

  2. I was scrolling down my blogroll and your profile image…that unique face of yours that is not yours smiled at me. So I thought to myself, “I wonder if he is still blogging. I hope he is still engaged and in love.” And glad to hear you are busy with university but all is well. Blessings to you and your loved one:) Oliana

    • Goodness! Oliana, I’m sorry I didn’t respond earlier. Your concern is exactly why I love this community! To be honest I have had a rough few months, but I am okay, and Tam and I are brilliant. Thank you very much for your blessings! 🙂 Much love.

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