Seven Cigarettes and a Bowler Hat

Bowler Hat

A man in a bowler hat 

tucks a cigarette into the rim.

He stands 


sentient beneath the street lamp.

The night air leaves a chill

on his breath,


so cold. I remember his eyes, 

they were black orbs, anxiously staring. 

He was kicking the curb, 


flicking a silver zippo open and shut. 

He tucked another cigarette 

under the rim, 


number seven. I remember

him whispering under his breath,

hate and spite. 


I lifted my lens, and watched

as the filament cracked

and burst. His


black and white image 

immortalised, forever anxious. 

He would never


smoke, and he would

never leave. Just a man

in a bowler hat


frozen in time

and space–indexed. 

The flash


had startled him, I remember 

his blinking. He wouldn’t

stop blinking,


as if he would never

see again. As I walked away,

he blinked at me


and tucked another


behind the rim. 


All Rights Reserved to © Iain Sutherland, 2014. 
Bowler Hat – Rene Magritte

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