An Impossible Exchange

An Impossible Exchange

If it were possible for the sun to shake hands with the sand,
or the sea to nod at a seaman right before the catch,
who or whom would notice the exchange?
Must the trivial, or might the impossible
mark themselves on our senses, even if insensible,
even if reprehensible and crude?
This is why I must wade, or I may wade, my way
out to sea, just so I can catch a glimpse of a handshake
between the horizons—natural and unnatural.
And why I paced out the evening curriculum of lines
in the sand, and filled my beer bottles with piss,
waiting for knowledge until the sun fell down.
“Knowledge is necessary, and knowledge is a must,”
I can’t think who said that, or if it was the choir
singing or chanting in our stead—I forget.
I forgot to ask my professor about it, she knows
and he knows, why the sun completes its cycle,
and the moon rips up another tide; and why,
“The impossible is never primary or secondary.” It ought to be
sensible to taste the untestable, to hide our rights
from our wrongs, our faith from our doubts.
I swear I’ve known this from your eyes, those two orbs
that scream of fateful sovereignty or impossible truth
—I see more than just kindness and determination.
“Impossible,” you say, “those eyes that split atomic souls
(to reformate the improbable) are just metaphors,
a mere device to explain the explosion of love.”
It must have been a metaphor I saw buried there,
it must have been impossible, but I swear by modality
an exchange took place impossible to describe.

Interpretation Key

Modal Logic, Modals qualify a statement, they are words that express modalities. That is, the mode in which something exists or is experienced or expressed.
1) Epistemic Modality – concerned with certainty and knowledge (might, may, possible)
2) Deontic Modality – concerned with obligation and permission (must, ought, necessary)

All Rights Reserved to © Iain Sutherland, 2014
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3 thoughts on “An Impossible Exchange

  1. Well, as often happens, you’ve gone way over your old auntie’s head. But I know it’s good, and that’s all that really matters! Bless you today, nephew.

    • haha, sorry about that. I think putting the Modal logic definition at the start was a mistake, because it sends you off interpreting before you’ve even read! This is about seeing those glimpses of the impossible, like love, that can not be proven logically. Thanks for commenting!

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